Hello Again!

Hope this greeting finds you well and happy!

It was a busy Spring and Summer and now Fall is fast approaching with back to school, back to reality from vacationing and back to the joys of fall planting and tidying of the garden in cool refreshing temperatures to come!

The garden club ended on a few great notes; a visit to Mt. Cuba

Thanks for the ride Ginny:) you did a great job as president you motivated us to be a team to get the job done.  We appreciated your time and your efforts!


and a end of the year picnic with a “sweet” new officers installation at a garden club member’s home.  Thanks Barb for the hospitality.


Digging for Rubies, yup real Rubies. A Pearl looking for a Ruby classic!

We also attended DFGC’s end of the year meeting and walked away with many awards and some nice financial blessings from our reward money. Cha Ching!


We have a new governmental regime for the club and a new Madam President; congratulations to Mrs. Kathleen Morrison for being our new fearless leader! We thank you in advance Kathleen for leading and inspiring us to do new and fun things.


Over the summer one of our members; Kathe Worrell created and inspired us thru her Summer Intern program which involved meeting at her home and lovely garden to learn all things wonderful, when it came to gardening.  She also managed to lead some field trips to private gardens and public park spaces to continue her garden lessons in a different outdoor classroom.

A proud mentor overlooking her students.


Although, Kathe took a lot of heat that this was just a way for her to get free gardening help and weeding done in her own garden (lol) this was far from true if you had the pleasure to attend you walked away more blessed than bruised by garden work; giggling.  I was so very happy to be able to attend one of these lovely intern workshops over the summer and to my joy was able to visit the private garden of one of the other regular interns, it turned out to be an amazing garden in the process of being transformed into a mini gardener’s paradise. Thanks Kathe for your efforts in keeping us inspired in unique ways, the knowledge and social interaction we all experienced because of you was priceless. Keep digging and keep giving Ms. Kathe!

Sooooo… the official Fall season runs from the first day being September 22, 2017 and ending on the last day being December 21, 2017.

During this Fall season try to do at least one of the following:

*Plant a new and unique fall bulb that will be a beautiful Spring plant.

*Spend some time in your garden dividing those plants that need it and then sharing them with other gardeners or a public garden in a economically stressed environment to promote the joys of gardening.

*Rake some leaves into a huge pile and then kick them to make a fun mess just to start over and rake again or just fall back into them as if you were 10 again!

*Sit, Walk or Observe your garden as the days grow shorter and see what it’s like in your garden just before dark settles. Notice which plants stand out as night-time landmarks in your garden, see which plants illuminate the best in the moonlight.

*Purchase a white pumpkin and see how it illuminates in the fall nightscape.

*Breathe deep and long, while in the garden and be grateful for your space no matter how big or small.

*Take one last barefooted walk in your grass.

*Have a cup of tea while walking in your garden on a brisk fall morning or at the end of a long day.

Whatever you decide to do from these suggestions or those of your own liking just know you survived another season and new and beautiful changes await you, so embrace and Fall into the Season with Joy!

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 10.51.14 PM.png


While writing this blog I was saddened by the passing of our garden club member and friend Ralph Sutter.  To his family we give our deepest sympathy, to your spirit Ralph may you rest in peace and thank you for the reminder that our time here on earth is precious and special we all were happy to have spent a season with you! 

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