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Hello Again!

Hope this greeting finds you well and happy!

It was a busy Spring and Summer and now Fall is fast approaching with back to school, back to reality from vacationing and back to the joys of fall planting and tidying of the garden in cool refreshing temperatures to come!

The garden club ended on a few great notes; a visit to Mt. Cuba

Thanks for the ride Ginny:) you did a great job as president you motivated us to be a team to get the job done.  We appreciated your time and your efforts!


and a end of the year picnic with a “sweet” new officers installation at a garden club member’s home.  Thanks Barb for the hospitality.


Digging for Rubies, yup real Rubies. A Pearl looking for a Ruby classic!

We also attended DFGC’s end of the year meeting and walked away with many awards and some nice financial blessings from our reward money. Cha Ching!


We have a new governmental regime for the club and a new Madam President; congratulations to Mrs. Kathleen Morrison for being our new fearless leader! We thank you in advance Kathleen for leading and inspiring us to do new and fun things.


Over the summer one of our members; Kathe Worrell created and inspired us thru her Summer Intern program which involved meeting at her home and lovely garden to learn all things wonderful, when it came to gardening.  She also managed to lead some field trips to private gardens and public park spaces to continue her garden lessons in a different outdoor classroom.

A proud mentor overlooking her students.


Although, Kathe took a lot of heat that this was just a way for her to get free gardening help and weeding done in her own garden (lol) this was far from true if you had the pleasure to attend you walked away more blessed than bruised by garden work; giggling.  I was so very happy to be able to attend one of these lovely intern workshops over the summer and to my joy was able to visit the private garden of one of the other regular interns, it turned out to be an amazing garden in the process of being transformed into a mini gardener’s paradise. Thanks Kathe for your efforts in keeping us inspired in unique ways, the knowledge and social interaction we all experienced because of you was priceless. Keep digging and keep giving Ms. Kathe!

Sooooo… the official Fall season runs from the first day being September 22, 2017 and ending on the last day being December 21, 2017.

During this Fall season try to do at least one of the following:

*Plant a new and unique fall bulb that will be a beautiful Spring plant.

*Spend some time in your garden dividing those plants that need it and then sharing them with other gardeners or a public garden in a economically stressed environment to promote the joys of gardening.

*Rake some leaves into a huge pile and then kick them to make a fun mess just to start over and rake again or just fall back into them as if you were 10 again!

*Sit, Walk or Observe your garden as the days grow shorter and see what it’s like in your garden just before dark settles. Notice which plants stand out as night-time landmarks in your garden, see which plants illuminate the best in the moonlight.

*Purchase a white pumpkin and see how it illuminates in the fall nightscape.

*Breathe deep and long, while in the garden and be grateful for your space no matter how big or small.

*Take one last barefooted walk in your grass.

*Have a cup of tea while walking in your garden on a brisk fall morning or at the end of a long day.

Whatever you decide to do from these suggestions or those of your own liking just know you survived another season and new and beautiful changes await you, so embrace and Fall into the Season with Joy!

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 10.51.14 PM.png


While writing this blog I was saddened by the passing of our garden club member and friend Ralph Sutter.  To his family we give our deepest sympathy, to your spirit Ralph may you rest in peace and thank you for the reminder that our time here on earth is precious and special we all were happy to have spent a season with you! 

Snowdrops… need I say more

Well as promised, my new friends are here and I can’t wait to have them naturalize in my garden like the picture above.  I think I might be becoming a Galanthophile (a what?!) in layman’s terms a person who collects snowdrops and has an ardent love of them.

The common name: Snowdrop, botanical name: Galanthus, group: Bulb; a Galanthus nivalis  is a small white end of the winter flower that gives all it’s glory this time of year.  It is a member of the lily family and closely related to the daffodil.  They are a welcome assurance that the bright sunny days of Spring are on their way.

So at the beginning of the month my husband and I made the trip up to the most magical shade garden in Bryn Mawr, PA to pick up my snowdrops given by Carolyn of Carolyn’s Shade Garden.  Last Spring Carolyn invited me to join her snowdrop list, I have always wanted snowdrops in my garden so I thought of course sign me up! And oh boy what a list indeed, she sends a massive snowdrop order list mid December and its on like hot butter popcorn, LOL!!!  Within in minutes specimens sell out I was lucky to be able to  order G. Elwesii – giant snowdrop, G. nivalis- common snowdrop and G. nivalis Flore Pieno-double common snowdrop.  In the end the G. Elwesii was damaged by disease and her whole supply had to be thrown out, a big disappoint since that’s the one I really wanted the most.  But I graciously walked away with G. nivalis IMG_4278and Flore-Pieno which is truly a beauty, I just love double flowers and this one is a keeper for sure.  IMG_4276

Carolyn in her sweetness agreed to a picture with me


so I could show her off and  ensure you she is real and her garden is real and she laughed when I said I had been singing like a canary about her secret garden.  It truly is worth the trip I have visited it in all seasons and it amazes me every single time, it’s just fabulous!!!

Treat yourself and take a road trip and visit on one of her open houses.Carolyn’s Shade Garden

If you would like to be an enabler of my new addiction and own snowdrops in your garden please do share, the more the merrier and it will also be even more of a blessing to have a piece of your garden in mine; that way I can think of you as I will of Carolyn when my new friends emerge next year. Someday I hope to be the one that shares these little jewels.

So, if you haven’t considered snowdrops give them a try I’m sure they will bring a smile to your face and no doubt be the sweet little reminders that Spring is near and snow days are a thing of the past.

The Philadelphia Flower Show 2016

If you are a true nature lover; this year’s Philadelphia Flower Show was a tribute to honoring 100 years of our nation’s national parks.  “Explore America” was the perfect title for this year’s event, the show captured and recreated quite a few of America’s most visited and beautiful national parks.  It all started at the Big Timber Lodge an amazing arch way leading to the flower show’s acres of trails and exhibits of our nation’s landscapes which included deserts, wildflowers, pine lands, meadows, redwoods and coastal plains.


Not to mention an abundance of horticulture, which allowed some of our garden club members to explore on sharing their own talents.  For me, it was a joy to enter in the novice horticulture section this year strictly solo. And boy what an experience, which led to me winning my very first blue ribbon in the Philadelphia Flower show!


Let’s just say I was over the moon with excitement and embraced the pure joy and happiness that came with it.  I said to my youngest son “It’s something about that blue ribbon that makes you instantly think you are an expert”  NOT, LOL, I am NO expert when it comes to this species of plant just a lover of it’s color and unique textures.  It simply grows in my dining room window the only spot in our home that gets special sun rays from the good Lord above; no fancy greenhouse beauty here, just a humble houseplant doing its own thing!  I will say, I could hear Bill Baur in my mind encouraging me to just enter it and after many plant turnings and second hand looks I decided to GO FOR IT!!  Thanks Bill:)  Let me tell you entering is no joke, I felt like I earned another high end college degree reading the rule book, something definitely needs to done about that! But I got thru it and there should also be a video on how to dress and groom your pot (aka hide the original one inside the show pot). There is apparently a science to potting your plant with special top dressings, I ended up with black aquarium gravel from Walmart!  Another humble move that produced a blue ribbon anyway, Classic!  But I will say I met a wonderful woman who shared with me one of the coveted pot dressings that only the fancy-dancy exhibitors use.  She just pulled some out of her stash of grooming supplies and gave me enough to last many many flower shows to come.  The generosity of gardeners at the show can sometimes just make you smile.  In addition to entering my plant I also volunteered in my favorite job as horticulture recorder ( that’s how I met the really nice lady who shared:) this is another wonderful way to be apart of the show.  Getting back to sharing our talents I wasn’t the only garden club winner, Mr. Bill had his share of winner winner chicken dinners too, Bill took home two blues and some other ribbons for his horticulture specimens of succulent, cacti. and trough planters.  Bill this year had his very own grooming table, labeled and all with his name only!  He’s definitely now an experienced veteran of the show.

PFS Blue Ribbon winners 2016 004Tala Graham also entered into the design section of the show with a miniature that gave her a ribbon placement as well.  Other members diligently gave their time in volunteering and Barbara Boyce who volunteered for the first time, shared her experience as being a wonderful one. She learned the ins and outs of getting to the show with other garden club members, seeing the show from behind the scenes and working as a horticultural aide.  In her job; she passed out placement ribbons, planned the routes of the judges and also led them from one entry class to the next.  Barbara was amazed my the displays and how HUGE  they were, she had not attended the show in over 10 years and back then was just a part of the general public.  Her experience this year allowed her to see the show in a different perspective  and her favorite display was a keepsake box made out various seeds and beans!

philly flower show 2016 053

If asked would she attend again, she says “In a word, yes.”  Hope you all had a chance to “Explore America” this year at the show and if not there is always next year: Zie je daar!

That’s dutch for “See you there” we are off to Holland in 2017!

We are winners at 2014 CAR Conference


Countryside Garden Club received the “Environmental Concern Awards” in the small club category at the annual Central Atlantic Regional Conference held at Dover Downs Hotel & Casino from October 26-28.  For more information on the activities of the CAR, visit the CAR homepage. This award was presented to a club for the “best effort to create awareness of the need to protect and/or conserve our environment. A program of “It’s ALL About Trees” encouraged club members to participate in community activities relating to trees. The program was initiated and managed by the leadership of Bill Baur. These activities included;

“Favorite Tree” presentation – 100% of members. These were educational in nature and there were no duplications

3 members attended the Delaware Center for Horticulture’s (DCH) “Saving Urban Trees”
1 member and her son attended DCH’s “Bare Root Tree Planting”
3 members helped at the Delaware Nature Society’s Middle Run Tree planting
2 members submitted entries for “Unique Tree”
1 member conducted a tree tour on her property for a Girl Scout troop and helped them earn their Tree badge
1 member conducted a tree tour on her property for Club members and offered saplings to members
Several members planted new trees on their properties
1 member was certified as a Tree Steward by the DCH
1 member organized a tree trimming group for his community
Several members participated in the Adopt a Highway clean up
Several members participated in the Red Clay Creek clean up

Bill Baur won four awards for his entries with his treasured succulent collections. Congratulations, Bill!