Snowdrops… need I say more

Well as promised, my new friends are here and I can’t wait to have them naturalize in my garden like the picture above.  I think I might be becoming a Galanthophile (a what?!) in layman’s terms a person who collects snowdrops and has an ardent love of them.

The common name: Snowdrop, botanical name: Galanthus, group: Bulb; a Galanthus nivalis  is a small white end of the winter flower that gives all it’s glory this time of year.  It is a member of the lily family and closely related to the daffodil.  They are a welcome assurance that the bright sunny days of Spring are on their way.

So at the beginning of the month my husband and I made the trip up to the most magical shade garden in Bryn Mawr, PA to pick up my snowdrops given by Carolyn of Carolyn’s Shade Garden.  Last Spring Carolyn invited me to join her snowdrop list, I have always wanted snowdrops in my garden so I thought of course sign me up! And oh boy what a list indeed, she sends a massive snowdrop order list mid December and its on like hot butter popcorn, LOL!!!  Within in minutes specimens sell out I was lucky to be able to  order G. Elwesii – giant snowdrop, G. nivalis- common snowdrop and G. nivalis Flore Pieno-double common snowdrop.  In the end the G. Elwesii was damaged by disease and her whole supply had to be thrown out, a big disappoint since that’s the one I really wanted the most.  But I graciously walked away with G. nivalis IMG_4278and Flore-Pieno which is truly a beauty, I just love double flowers and this one is a keeper for sure.  IMG_4276

Carolyn in her sweetness agreed to a picture with me


so I could show her off and  ensure you she is real and her garden is real and she laughed when I said I had been singing like a canary about her secret garden.  It truly is worth the trip I have visited it in all seasons and it amazes me every single time, it’s just fabulous!!!

Treat yourself and take a road trip and visit on one of her open houses.Carolyn’s Shade Garden

If you would like to be an enabler of my new addiction and own snowdrops in your garden please do share, the more the merrier and it will also be even more of a blessing to have a piece of your garden in mine; that way I can think of you as I will of Carolyn when my new friends emerge next year. Someday I hope to be the one that shares these little jewels.

So, if you haven’t considered snowdrops give them a try I’m sure they will bring a smile to your face and no doubt be the sweet little reminders that Spring is near and snow days are a thing of the past.

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