Information on the Spotted Lanternfly

The following is the information that is useful to pass on to our communities: This link will bring you to a PDF file that contains information on the Spotted Lanternfly, their host tree, Tree of Heaven, and steps you as a homeowner can take to help manage the Spotted Lanternfly population on your property. If you know the HOA of the neighborhood/residence you live in, please forward this factsheet to help spread the word. It is important that everyone is aware of the spotted lanternfly and knowledgeable about their treatment options.

Also, DIY traps have been proven effective – here is a link for one.

Remember that the spotted lantern fly is a growing threat to Delaware agriculture, and it will take everyone working together to beat the bug. As Delaware continues to re-open this summer, remember to check the outside of your vehicle for any spotted lantern fly that may be clinging onto it before driving away. If you think you see one, please feel free to kill it.

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