Every month members bring in horticultural items, garden art or interesting items for a raffle. All proceeds support our activities and ongoing projects outside of the club.

Sales Tables:

Plants, garden art, jewelry and other items are sold at the DFGC annual meetings as well. Some special crafts are made at Patti’s workshop in August every year.

Fundraising for CAR-SGC:

Barb and Marybeth volunteered to be the DFGC Raffle Committee Co-Chairs for the CAR-SGC 2020 Conference. In addition, club members will be designing and donating a basket that will be raffled off at one of the DFGC Annual Meeting this year. The proceeds from this raffle go toward the CAR-SGC 2020 conference to help offset some of the costs.

This site is the home of the Countryside Garden Club.

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