How to remove water spots on leaves

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  • From Bill (August 2015) I have a small question I’m sure some of you have the answer for. I just purchased a large, single rosette of an Echeveria, “Black Prince”.
    It’s a mature plant which has been grown in a hot/green house, likely with automatic , overhead watering. The leaves have serious water spotting, which I have tried to remove with a Q-tip and spigot water. Results are so-so. Do any of you have a quicker, more reliable method to share with me. I’d like to hear your solution ( pun intended )!
  • Response from Tracy:Hey hey Mr. Bill giggling, cool plant indeed sounds like over head watering/ misting with hard water which contains minerals and salts.Straight white vinegar ( a blessing for many things:) or lemon juice which are both acids should remove spots.Test with Qtip or paper towel on ONE leave before doing entire plant you will see immediate results let dry maybe reapply again then rinse gently with filtered or distilled water and if lemon juice or vinegar get into soil rinse thru with distilled or filtered water as well. Note: you could dilute vinegar or lemon juice with distilled or filtered water but could take longer to remove spots maybe try another leaf using this method and see what works best for your particular plant:)Going forward try not to overhead water or mist with hard water to avoid water spots and only use filtered or distilled directly into the soil.

    Classic problem from big box stores RRGH but that’s the dilemma sometimes that comes with a bargain:) the plant should recover and no doubt be fabulous continue to be patient and I know under your care it’s on it’s way to being a prize winning plant!

    Good luck can’t wait to see you all soon!

  • Bill’s response:  It’s worked!

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