Kathe’s Discovery!

Our Countryside Garden Club member, Kathe bought a book at a yard sale. The book’s title was “The Encyclopedia of Judging and Exhibiting Floriculture and Flora Artistry by Esther Veramae Hamel.

As she opened the book, she fou1994 CGC Member list.jpgnd a Countryside Garden Club Membership List of 1994 tacked in the pages. And the book used to belong to a CGC member, Joan Frey!

I did some research on the club history and found a couple of newspaper articles.

The photo directly below was found in the Hockessin Community News published on August 17, 1995.  The caption was “Countryside Garden Club wins award for DNS project.

Pictured (left to right) club members are Kris Qualls, Joanne Deaton, Pat Boyd, and Patti McCarter. Helen Fischer of the DNS is on the right.

The article on the bottom right : The caption below the photo reads ” Countryside Garden members (left to right) Pat Boyd, Alice Bucher, Peg Lord and Joanne Deaton, hold leadership positions in the Delaware Federation of Garden Clubs flower show. (date unknown)


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