A “Place” for Everyone!

Merry Christmas / Happy Holiday’s!! It’s the last party of the year for Countryside Garden Club and the sky’s the limit in fun, food, festivities and creativity. This time of year if you celebrate Christmas you “Prepare a Room for Him” most people think this means prepare room for baby Jesus as in the biblical story of making room in manager when there was no space in that infamous inn. We tend to do this by Christmas shopping (overspending), entertaining, decorating, and for some just stressing all the way out in the name of Jesus. Yup, most of us normal people do just that and maybe more and that’s NOT what it’s all about. But Prepare a Room for Him really means preparing a place in your life for Jesus at all times whether you are a believer or not we all know what it means to make room for something bigger than us!

What does this have to do with garden club, well this year we were asked to create a table place setting that would be used (eaten on) only by the creator but viewed and informally critiqued by the rest of the group; it of course had to be a holiday theme setting and displayed with creative or simplistic ideas that would no doubt “Wow” someone. Of course this group gave it their best and there were 17 amazing displays each unique and creatively special. The place setting had to include a plate, glassware, a floral arrangement of some sort, napkin and optional place mat and silverware. In the end we were asked to pick (not judge-thank God) two place settings; one to represent our favorite and the other to represent what we thought was the most creative. Barbara B. won for most creative using a snowman theme and Kathleen M. won for the favorite; Barbara won reindeer ears and Kathleen a homemade gingerbread house made by creative Ms. Patti.

We managed to squeeze in our annual gift exchange PolyAnna aka Dirty Santa where you can steal from “ your friends” which this year included two new garden club family members who joined in on experiencing the joy of a holiday hangout in royal fashion. Both Mary Beth and Mary Lou had a great time and don’t you find it ironic both their names are Mary … Hmm Mary was baby Jesus’ Mum this is starting to sound suspect giggling.


In addition, assembled 25 adult gift stockings and 11 children’s gifts to send to our friends at Friendship House.


And last but not least we shared a feast and let me tell you something if there is one thing Countryside GC can do that is cook their tails off, we know how to throw down in the food department.

So how does this all tie together in Prepare a Room for Him, when you gather together to exchange gifts of love (by the way the gifts this year were well thought out, practical and generous), experience deep belly laughing, give gifts to those in need, break bread and set a table to share food, conversation and creativity; YOU prepare room for others to join in and be a part of a something special; a bond that allows you to escape from the craziness of the world and focus on what truly matters especially this time of year and that is to prepare in your heart, mind, body and spirit room for the joys of our Divine creator that made us all and allows us to share memorable moments such as a holiday party with garden club “family” and walk away with more than what you came in with, which in the book of life happens to be a priceless gift we all could use everyday throughout the year and not just during the holiday.

So from all the members of Countryside Garden Club we want to thank you for supporting us and visiting our website in 2016 and we wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season filled with love and happiness as well as a Happy New Year that allows you to prepare room for the joys and and blessings of 2017!

One thought on “A “Place” for Everyone!”

  1. Thank you Tracy for your thoughtful description of our garden club Christmas celebration – He was indeed among us. Happy New Year and God’s blessings on all!

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