The Season Of Giving!

Our garden club ends every year with a beautiful fellowship of holiday cheer celebrated at our end of the year holiday bash and in the midst of this fellowship we give to others in need which in turn gives us great joy!

We were blessed this year to celebrate at the home of our past president and fearless leader Ginny.  Ginny and her husband graciously opened their home to our club and in gratitude we give thanks to them both.


The house was very festive and definitely full of cheer!


We gathered, we gave, we delivered and those we blessed, received!

From our Garden Club Family to yours may you end your Christmas season with joy and may you bring in 2018 with open hearts to receive the best that is yet to come.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Countryside Garden Club!

Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter…

So which is your favorite, Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter? You are probably thinking I am referring to your favorite holiday, but come on folks this a garden club blog.  I am actually referring to your favorite Schlumbergera (a cactus of course!)

Yes, there is a difference and now lets see if you can identify which one you have in your possession.

It is pretty simple if we focus on their blooming times to help narrow down which one you may possess.  The Thanksgiving cacti typically start to bloom in late fall and Christmas cacti usually a month later. An Easter cactus will start producing flower buds in February. You can also look at their leaf shape to help you identify as well.

See the picture chart below (taken from a Pinterest gallery) The Thanksgiving cacti have pointy leaf ends, the Christmas rounded and the Easter one has little spiky protrusions on its leaf tip.  The flowers of the Thanksgiving cacti usually shoots outward, where the Christmas ones like to hang down, the Easter group blooms in clusters that tend to look like daisies or little starbursts.

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 1.31.24 AM.png

Now lets see pictures below, from my plant collection.  I have a Thanksgiving one and a Christmas cactus which happens to be over 50 years old given to me by a wonderful friend that belong to her grandmother!


This one above is… yes that’s right, the Christmas one which has rounded edges like the letter “C” which is also the first letter in Christmas that’s how I remember.  Now check out my Thanksgiving one below:


See the pointy jagged leaves they are spiky and thorny-like, thus my silly way to remember “t” for thorny and thanksgiving; hey don’t laugh it works for me.  Also notice how the flower grows outward like it wants to fly away.  As for the Christmas cactus the flowers hang down like Christmas bells see the photo below (photo by

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 1.30.18 AM.png

And lastly the Easter cactus with it’s daisy like flowers and the hairlike spikes on the ends of the leaves.

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 1.52.13 AM.png

Well, my favorite holiday is Easter because I love how it symbolizes second chances and forgiveness for us to get our acts together and try to please the infamous child born on Christmas which allows us to all gather as family and friends on Thanksgiving to share our blessings and gratitude for it all.

Guess I need to add my favorite to my plant collection.



Nonplussed an adjective meaning : (of a person) surprised and confused so much that they are unsure how to react.

Yup, that was me at the last DFGC meeting when I finally heard my name being called to come up and receive a Lifetime Membership award from the Delaware Federation of Garden Clubs given by Countryside Garden Club.

After the sound came back into by ears, LOL I then of course began to cry with such gratitude and the feeling of being nonplussed!  It is an honor to be a recipient of such a prestigious award in this circle of a statewide garden club affiliation, as I write this I am still in shock and amazed I was given this blessing.

It was also nice to have my Momma there to share in the joy, we all were pleasantly surprised; it just was a happy moment indeed.


Thanks Countryside from the bottom of my heart its a pleasure and an honor to be in such a wonderful garden club that has taught me many things and more so, allowed me to be friends with some amazing people who have become a special part of my life.


As they mentioned in the documentation submitted for the award, although I may have a very busy personal and professional life I enjoy finding time for my garden club.

What is even more special is that, I was not the only recipient of this special award it was great to know I shared this dedication along with Gerry and Hiro two people I just adore.  They unfortunately were unable to attend the meeting but at our monthly club meeting the following day they were presented with their award and the special pin that goes with it.


In gratitude, we all say thank you! What we do for our club is easy since those we do for, the wonderful members of our club make our labor of love a joyous one. OXXX