Spring!!! Finally.

Hello Garden Friends,

Hope this message finds you well, ready to get outside more often and to get digging in the dirt!

Countryside GC hopes 2019 has been pleasant and healthy for you thus far.  We ended 2018 with a holiday social focusing on gathering and giving, see captured highlights below:


Now that we have made it thru another winter, let’s get down to business and reflect on what this Spring will bring to you and your garden.  I’m excited about some poppies that I planted last year which seemed happy at the end of last season by dropping a ton of seeds, I’m praying they sprout and proliferate in that designated area this year let’s see if that will be the case!

I also need to create new beds and do some landscape design projects all with good intentions; hmm wonder if that will happen this year (giggling). In the meantime, I am once again in awe of how things begin to emerge and push thru the earth silently screaming “Look at me, Look at me” I must say I believe those first signs of life in the garden are secretly happy they have survived the winter and are back again to bring us joy.

There truly is something divinely supernatural as to how the whole process works, its just glorious and I give thanks for being here another year to see it all take place again.

So without further ado, I’m happy to show you a glimpse of what is popping up in my garden spaces and hopefully you are also enjoying your old and new garden friends arriving for their season’s visit, they will no doubt be some of the best company you will host this time of year.



A tad more…..


Enjoy, dig, play and rejoice in the power of Spring!

PS. Don’t forget Rita’s Water Ice is free on the First day of Spring, so go treat your self and then if it makes it back to your home, take it with you as you walk around your garden (or a public garden or nursery) checking out what’s new or what plans you may have in store for this garden season.


Farewell for now.

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