Members’ Sustainability Reports – May 2015

Sustainability Report – Lawn management: Hiro has started to reduce his lawn footprint to cut down on time on mowing primarily as a motivation but also because of the positive impact on the environment. An area of lawn the size of 10 X 15 yards has now been replaced by recent new projects in Hiro’s yard. Lawn maintenance is causing lots of environmental problems due to emissions from mowers not to mention other gas-powered equipment we routinely use. The runoff of fertilizers and herbicides into our streams can be eliminated or cut down by reducing lawns and replacing them with other planting options that attract pollinators, butterflies and other helpful insects into the garden.  Hiro recommends checking out this website for other ideas at

Joanie spoke on water sustainability and agriculture in particular where they are trying very hard to reduce their need for water by looking for alternative ways processing food.  Joanie mentioned that her garden worker who is a student at the U. of Del is very interested in sustainability and sent her 40 pages of information on the topic!  Joanie summarized by giving us some ideas to reduce electricity use by turning off monitors and other electronics when not actively using them.  Use LED bulbs instead of the incandescent type.

There are lots of opportunities to reduce or replace energy use so look for just one or two ways in our own homes and it will significantly impact the environment.

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