The recycling of banana peels

Barbara had a brief sustainability tip for members regarding the recycling of banana peels.  She quoted her report from the June 2015 issue of “House & Home” magazine.

  • Plant perk up: Rub the inside of a banana peel on potted house plants to buff away dust on leaves and add shine. Additionally, the potassium on the peel provides nutrients to the plant.
  • Buff scuffs: The peel’s potassium absorbs into leather, making it a natural for getting scuff marks off your shoes. Lightly rub the marks then wipe with a clean cloth.
  • Anti-ant: Protect your garden against ants and aphids by cutting up a few peels and burying them near the base of your plants.

Our new officers for 2015-2017 season

Our new officers were installed at our closing picnic at CCA on June 18, 2015.

Installation of Officers was led by Tracy who compared the new board to the preparation of a gardening bed for seeds.  Garden tools and gloves symbolizing the work of the new officers were cleverly presented to each officer along with the expectations for their roles.

Tracy presented Pat with a gift card in appreciation of all her dedication and endless work during her Presidency.  Pat presented each of her outgoing officers with a beautiful begonia.

New president, Ginny was congratulated by Tracy Lea-Dorsey.

Congratulations to new officers!!

President: Ginny Cardona

Vice President: Bill Baur

Treasurer: Barbara Boyce

Secretary: Gerri Klumpp