In Memory of Joan Q. Yulduzian

This month’s blog will be dedicated to our dear sweet friend and garden club member Joan Yulduzian. She will no longer bloom on earth but will forever bloom and grow eternally in heaven.

I will miss you dear friend in and out of garden club. Your sweet and sophisticated demeanor was a blessing to be around, if all of us could be just a tenth of what you were in this lifetime, we will be doing just great.

You will forever be in our hearts, and we thank you for your dedication and loyalty to our garden club and a precious friendship to cherish, we are walking away with beautiful memories of you in many ways.

Till we meet again sweet Joanie, much love and peace always! Thank you for being in our lives.

Dear Garden Friends known and unknown if you have not reached out to a love-one or friend you adore for many reasons, please do so today and going forward more regularly, take time to give them their flowers now as they say, while they can take them from your hands and your words. Life is short and unpredictable. Take a lesson from Joanie; give love, gratitude, attentive prayers, share God’s love when every you can and those that are connected to you will be forever grateful!

In Heartfelt Peace till next time take care.

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