Omotenashi means hospitality in Japanese, it’s the pure essence of how to treat your guest when they are under your care. We ended our garden club yearend picnic at the lovely home and garden of Hiro and Pat; despite the rain they displayed subtle qualities of the traditional omotenashi tradition but in a lay back and fun way! Of course we took care of business and had our meeting which was quick and to the point because we all are foodies and just wanted to get into the lovely dishes that were prepared by all. If there is one thing Countryside knows how to do is have an amazing potluck truly to be coveted by all. To help digest our yummy morsels we eventually took a stroll in Hiro’s amazing garden, which by the way was weeded quite nicely by his lovely bride Pat while he was off traveling prior to our visit. Thanks Pat for your efforts the garden looked stunning! So we all know, Hiro loves moss and he has a magnificient moss garden full of his favorite mosses.


I was quite impressed it’s the real deal, not just some moss growing under an established tree there is a designated area in the garden just for the moss to do their thing, LOL This garden also houses unique tree specimens and has been carefully designed to have trees strategically placed to create a private garden that’s enclosed on all sides. IMG_5902

When you look out the kitchen window you see the back of the garden with a mix of various plantings but its obvious that when you look to both sides of the garden it is lush, with a diverse selection of shrubs and trees giving the space the feeling of a big hug, its just wonderful and makes you want to be in the space for a moment maybe with a cup of tea and or a nice book.

Just as the clouds cleared to let us take a quick tour, they soon filled again with liquid sunshine and showers began again, with many colorful umbrellas in hand we moved back inside to the garage to work on our Habitat for Humanity garden planters which we make every year to celebrate “Garden Week” and then deliver in our local Habitat Humanity community.  We also exchanged plants which is like exchanging a hug in our club because you take a little of whomever donated that plant with you to place in your garden forever and to also look at over the summer when we are apart. It was a great day to an end of another wonderful year of our garden family making memories.

Hopefully this summer has allowed you to give omontenashi or to receive it, either way till we convene again it was a great time had by all to transition into the summer bliss. Thanks Hiro and Pat we had a great time, and we hope the summer has blessed you thus far with the peaceful and joyous time you bestowed upon us!



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  1. TracyI so appreciate your word works. You are one talented lady.  I just do not have the words to express the praise worthy of your writings,With deepest appreciati

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