A Holiday Affair!

This year’s garden club holiday party was held at the home of one of our most creative members, Ms. Patti. We were welcomed into a holiday palooza of Santa Claus collections, gingerbread houses adorned with sugar plums and christmas candies, nutcrackers, assorted trees of all kinds and seating arrangements based on the colored rim of your plate!



A festive event indeed but with a purpose to help others in need; this party of course bought joy to all of us but better yet created joy for the transitional home residences of Friendship House and their children. Amidst the laughter we stuffed many stockings for the adults filled with personal toiletries and pampered the children with stockings chock full of Christmas love and joy.


The party ended with our annual polyanna which this year created joyous sound effects from Tala unwrapping her secret santa gifts wrapped in recycled plant catalog paper; she definitely gets the grammy award for her audible shouts of Ooos and Ahhs.  Kathe was even more excited when she shared her joy and love for the sound of tissue paper being unraveled from a present and Hope was adorned in the coolest Christmas garb!

IMG_3306IMG_0512IMG_3298The piece de resistance was Mr. Bill setting his “man card” aside to take a dare to try on the holiday Cinderella Shoe found on the last cleanup of the Brackenville Road Adopt a highway project presented to Patti as a hostess gift.  Luckily he has found his “Princess Charming” in his lovely wife Ruth and so the shoe not fitting was all in fun!  Thanks Bill for being able to just have fun, we nearly wet ourselves in laughter! By the way if anyone out there knows anything about this shoe please send the club a note in the reply box below we would love to hear about it’s story.  


On a serious note; the members of Countryside Garden Club want to wish you a very Merry Holiday and Many Blessings for 2016!  See you next year:)

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