Tiny Amazements

Our club member Patti just loves all things miniature, she was gifted this tiny potted treasure by another club member who knows just how much miniatures bring her joy.  We all were fascinated and amazed by this tiny treasure.


Yes it’s real!! A miniature hens and chicks called Sempervivum.  Sempervivum literally means “live forever” because they propagate and grow so easily.  These succulents have been called semps, hens and chicks and houseleeks there are over 3,000 cultivars; so whatever you choose to call them, they are amazing and in this case a truly tiny amazement.

Lifetime Honoree

Our very own Bill Baur was given the gift of Lifetime Membership to DFGC presented by his beloved garden club members of Countryside Garden Club.  Bill was presented this distinguished honor at our November DFGC meeting hosted by Countryside GC.  Bill is most deserving of this membership and gives 110% to our garden club at all times as his bio stated one of his most important roles is being the club’s “Coffee Master” we are never without fresh brewed coffee and other wonderful drinks perfectly set up in the wee early hours of the morning solely by Mr. Baur.  He does this and all tasks for the club with great enthusiasm and without hesitation to always lend a helping hand to our club.


At our normally scheduled meeting the next day after the state meeting Bill led our club in the proper techniques of planting a cacti, which was given to all of us as a challenge plant.  He continues to encourage us to do our best and when given the opportunity to always share our club with others in the community.


Congratulations Bill!!  We truly appreciate all you do for Countryside Garden Club, much love always.