The Frightened Frog Book Sale – connecting children with nature


Countryside Garden Club and individual club member purchased a total of 20 copies of The Frightened Frog, a beautifully illustrated book for K through 4th graders to teach kids about frogs, amphibians and their habitats. Our club donated copies that went to Brader Elementary and North Star Elementary schools, Ronald McDonald House, Coverdale Farms, AI DuPont Hospital for Children, and Friendship House where the books were well received and appreciated. Many members bought copies for grandchildren as our club took to heart NGC President Sandra Robinson’s “Leap into Action” project focused on protecting, preserving and supporting frog and amphibian habitats, even in their own backyards. Delaware’s Youth Activities Chair, Barbara Boyce, our club Treasurer who led CGC’s effort, got clubs across the state to purchase a combined total of 117 copies of this book – and that’s no “croak”!

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