November 16, 2017

      NOVEMBER 16, 2017


Location:     106 Hickory Spring Road

Old Hobson Road

Wilmington, DE  19807

Business Meeting:            Lamborn Library

Hosts:           Nanci Hardam

Bill Baur

Program:      Mrs. Chen will educate us in Asian gardening, landscaping and in a collection of specimens.  The Chen Garden is a Japanese maple collection of 130 specimens including 60 different cultivars.  Featured plantings include blue spruces, Japanese pines, rhododendron, boxwood and sculptural evergreens.  Large rocks, statuary, pagodas, a Koi pond, and benches in the landscape are accented with bright red colors signifying happiness in Chinese culture.

Remember:  Christmas Brunch and Gift Exchange

Holiday Decorating at Tweed’s

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