President’s Message 2018


Dear Members of the Countryside Garden Club,

It involves one or more (or all) of the following: insect bites, sweat, mud, sunburn, dust, mold, skin irritation, tiredness, grimy fingernails, blood, hay fever, aches, and pains…gardening! Why do we do it? Beyond the obvious desire to have a tidy yard, or the love of flowers and fresh vegetables, the roots of our motives run deep.

Who among us has not gloried in the bite of a crisp sunny morning when it is just barely time to plant safely? But we have taken the risk, anyway, of losing that new basil or coleus to a late frost! The pull of the loam (clay?), luring us out to plant the seed, the seedling, and witness the miracle of growth and development is irresistible! We know the joy of sharing the zucchini, of presenting the homegrown bouquet Mom or daughter or friend…of hours of exercise in the fresh air that result in beautiful borders and beds.

Drudgery and discovery, exhaustion and elation, frustration and fun: the facets of gardening are legion.

That variety spills over into our club meetings! Whatever our level of expertise, we learn and share our learning. We grow in practical horticultural knowledge, and awe of the endless wonder of creation.

Our programs promise to be varied and interesting, as well. I’m delighted that a number of our own members will be presenters this year. As always, we’ll be contributing to community projects, and supporting our state organization.

Mark your calendars, bring a friend, and remember: if you cross poison ivy with a four leaf clover, you’ll get a rash of good luck.

Kathleen Morrison


Countryside Garden Club

June 2018


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