October 17, 2013

Stroud Water Research Center Tour , Avondale, PA

Meeting Location: Home of Tala

Hosts: Tala & Joanne

Program: The tour of the Stroud Water Research Center will include visiting the Moorhead Environmental Complex, a LEED platinum building, discussions about on-site rain gardens,greenroofandothergreeninfrastructure. We will also see the science laboratories and learn about current research projects. Carpooling from Tala’s for the short ride to Avondale will follow the meeting.

DSC_0336 DSC_0343 IMG_0708 IMG_0710 IMG_0716

Calendar Notes:

1 Deadline for Yearbooks to DFGC

5 Adopt-a-Hwy, 9AM Ashland lot 17

14 Tweed’s gardening, feed bulbs

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