Monthly Meeting, September 15, 2016

         Organizational Meeting and “Homes for Bees Workshop”unnamed-2unnamed-6

Location:     Patti McCarter’s House

Hosts:    Patti McCarter and Gerri Klumpp

Program: There are over 4000 species of native bees, each with a specialized pollinating job. Most native bees are solitary, nesting in the ground or in holes. To provide pollinator-friendly gardens, we plan to construct bee houses at our first workshop at Patti’s house. Bill Baur and Patti built sample houses recycling soup cans lined with cut bamboo.

Members will each make 2-3 houses, one to take home and others for inventory for our fund raising projects this year. After our organizational meeting and morning refreshments, we’ll get to work in Patti’s Pavillion!

Calendar Notes:    22   Tweed’s & CCA Gardening    9-11 AM

28    DFGC Workshops, Dover

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