Message from our president, July 2019

Dear Members of Countryside,

“BEAUTY: A pleasing quality associated with harmony of form or color, excellence of craftsmanship, truthfulness, originality…that which arouses a strong delight because of excellence or grace…the feature which is most effective, gratifying or telling…” (Borrowed from American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language.)

Our club is closely associated with a great deal of beauty!

Most obvious is the loveliness of the gardens we plant, seek out and explore: expanses whose graceful grandeur catches our eye with its infinite variety, contrasting hues and delightful surprises. Equally awe-filled is a single flower, examined in minute detail. What a beautiful world of wonder awaits us in the inner workings of a single perfect bloom.

Our striving for good stewardship of the planet is a beautiful thing. Doing our bit as responsible caretakers of this wondrous gift by such means as recycling, repurposing, composting, encouraging use of native plants and minimizing pollution, helps to preserve the beauty of the earth for our descendants (future gardeners, we hope).

Also beautiful is our cooperation as we share in the business of the club: planning and executing programs, adopting and carrying out projects and supporting each other as we exchange wisdom and knowledge of horticulture and design. Not to be forgotten is the sharing and encouragement we give to each other over coffee and those beautiful goodies our great bakers provide!

Best wishes for a beautiful year,

Kathleen Morrison


Countryside Garden Club

July 2019

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